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Crystal Pain

After losing her husband to brain cancer, author Cecily Williams, found herself isolated by the pandemic. Shortly following, was the loss of her father to COVID-19. She stepped into a battlefield of great spiritual darkness. Cecily exposes the spirits at work while revealing how the Lord brought redemption to her. God takes her on a journey through her life and highlights root causes to bondage and curses that had been on her generational line for decades. Each painful experience was like a beautiful etching on her life that eventually brought greater freedom and birthed wisdom and compassion for others.

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Food Source of the Day

Nathan was diagnosed with a rare brainstem cancer in October of 2019. He fought the good fight of faith, and worshiped God until he took his last breath on February 5th, 2020. During the last two months of his fight he wrote two devotional books, Field to Faith and Food Source of the Day. He wanted to leave a legacy for his family and to make sure the assignment God placed on his life was not cut short by the enemy, Satan.
He would want all to know that life is about perspective, and to keep your eyes focused on the good. Never give up your joy and continue to spread God's love.

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Field to Faith

A collection of devotionals built upon a desire to see men come to know the magnitude of God's love through sharing in a common passion of the Great Outdoors. Our goal is to see men pursue a stronger relationship with our Father while building greater relationship with other believers who share a mutual excitement of the outdoors. Our hope is to see these relationships begin to equip each individual with the wisdom and knowledge needed to step up and claim their rightful place as spiritual leaders of their homes, and begin to pourout the Father's love on their families by edifying, encouraging, and building them up.
Written by, Nathan Williams, founder of Brothers in Christ Outdoors during his fight against brainstem glioma. He would want everyone to now life is all about perspective, and no matter what life throws at you, never let anything but love and a joy get into your heart. God is good!

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