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Crystal Pain

God's Etchings through Grief, the Pandemic, and Spiritual Warfare
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About the Author

My journey to inspire and motivate others started with my own battle against depression and feelings of hopelessness after losing my husband to brain cancer and my dad to COVID-19. The isolation brought on by the pandemic only added to my struggles. However, I slowly started to rebuild myself and found a renewed sense of purpose and compassion for others going through similar situations. Today, I'm determined to use my own experiences to offer a helping hand to anyone who needs motivation and encouragement to face their own battles.

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Crystal Pain

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The journey through loss and grief is one we will all be forced to travel. Cecily has described her journey and experience with incredible openness, honesty, and vulnerability. Her story will resonate with anyone traveling the same road. I loved her thought-provoking questions. They were brilliant and insightful and will help anyone get through this difficult journey and come out stronger. I highly recommend this book to anyone who's going through the process of loss and grief. 

Pastor Lee Armstrong 

Campus Elder Victory Life Church

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